Fraser Health’s Abbotsford Breast Health Centre is moving to a new space at Abbotsford Regional Hospital, thanks to a generous donation by the Crystal Gala Foundation and the John Laing Infrastructure Fund.

The new clinic space is dedicated to supporting women and men with new breast problems by performing physical exams, tests, biopsies and surgical procedures. Centre staff will provide support to patients at the start of a problem through to diagnosis, including appointments, counseling, pre and post op teaching, wound care and nursing support, until treatment begins with the BC Cancer Agency.

“Patients are provided wrap-around-care with the ultimate goal of receiving a diagnosis within 7 to 21 days, says Gerri Charles, Chair, Crystal Gala Foundation. The clinic will be a hub for bringing clarity to results, providing education, referrals and support.”

As Abbotsford Regional Hospital operates as a Private Public Partnership, John Laing Infrastructure Fund donated the retail space needed for the Centre with Fraser Health contributing more than $1 million to renovate the area to meet hospital standards for clinical use.

human hair U part wigsThe Crystal Gala Foundation has pledged $500,000 through the Fraser Valley Health Care Foundation to provide medical equipment and furnishings to ensure the Centre’s staff have optimal space and access to technology, while providing the best treatment and comforting experience for patients in their new location.

“Bringing the private sector and a non-profit organization together to make a contribution like this is a first for our Foundation and has provided a wonderful opportunity to learn along the way,” says Jessica Boldt, Donor Relations, Fraser Valley Health Care Foundation.

With the centre now fully integrated into the hospital proper, Fraser Health will be able to use the space for future outpatient services as well as continuing to operate the Breast Health Centre.

The Breast Health Centre at Abbotsford Regional Hospital is scheduled to be open in Fall 2015.