Our Chair

Counting Our Blessings

A note from our Chair, October 2019 – The Crystal Gala Foundation is fortunate to have such dedicated and passionate sponsors, donors, and supporters as you. You are encouraging us everywhere we go, giving us great ideas on fundraising and improving breast cancer treatment and services in our local area.

We also appreciate your stories, your experiences at ARHCC Screening Mammography and Abbotsford Breast Health – and you’re so right, we have the best medical staff, so caring and innovative, often going above and beyond to bring better, more expedient care to those who need it.

What have we done with your money this year?

  • Purchased a Neoprobe $60,000 for staging breast cancer which is now installed and hard at work at ARHCC.

  • The NEW Diagnostic Mammography machine for the Medical Imaging department at ARHCC is here! You will hear more about the GE Senographe Pristina and its outstanding patient-centric design.

  • ARHCC Lab needs to replace one of its three Tissue Processing Systems. Atilla Almos, Dr. Louise Coulter and their team gave the Crystal Gala committee a Lab tour, showing us tissue samples and explaining every step of biopsy tissue processing in intricate detail. Indeed, a morning we will never forget! As a result, we also committed to purchasing a $185,000.00 Tissue Processing system to ensure continued timely results.

We would like to thank each of you for your part in this vital work. Every day, five days a week, 60 screening Mammograms are performed at ARHCC. In the first seven days of October, there were TWENTY new breast cancers at ARHCC.

The work is not slowing down, and the list of equipment and technology required to keep up is a growing list; and we strive to provide the best equipment so people in our community, people we love, have the best possible treatment close to home.

For 22 years, our unique position in the charitable space is that we have no overhead; each dollar we raise goes to the cause. Crystal Gala is the party that makes money for breast cancer; you – our supporters are a group of fun-loving like-minded people who are deeply committed to caring for our community. You’re the best!

With our sincere thanks,
Gerri Charles