Our Funds


With the help of our sponsors, donors and friends, the Crystal Gala Foundation raises funds for men, women and their families affected by breast cancer. To date, we have raised more than $4 million dollars.

In 2007, a Lead Gift of $500,000, was donated to the Campaign for Healthcare Excellence supporting the Abbotsford Regional Hospital and Cancer Centre (ARHCC). It was one of the largest donations to the campaign and administered by the Fraser Valley Healthcare Foundation.

The Crystal Gala pledged another gift of $500,000 to ARHCC in 2010, resulting in the Crystal Gala Breast Health Unit Screening Mammography and Ultrasound.

The Crystal Gala Breast Health Unit Screening Mammography and Ultrasound
Screening mammography is for women who have no symptoms or signs of breast cancer, are age 40, have not previously had breast cancer and do not have breast implants.

In 2015, a further $500,000 was provided for medical equipment and furnishings for the new Crystal Gala Breast Health Centre, on the Atrium Level of ARHCC, fulfilling a 1.5-million-dollar commitment to the Fraser Valley Health Care Foundation.

The Crystal Gala Breast Health Centre
The Breast Health Centre provides a triple assessment service, including medical imaging, physical exam, biopsy, wound care, and a place where people can self-refer for breast exams. The unit also offers encouragement, support, and counselling through diagnosis and beyond.

In 2018, through the purchase of a new Diagnostic Mammography Machine, the Foundation received the naming rights to the Diagnostic Mammography Unit.

Crystal Gala Diagnostic Mammography Unit
Diagnostic Mammography is for women who have symptoms such as a lump, skin thickening, changes in breast size or shape etc. It is also used to evaluate abnormalities detected on a screening mammograph and women who have had previous breast cancer.

The Foundation continues to purchase much-needed equipment, which includes a Tissue Processors, a Neoprobe, a Diagnostic Mammography Machine, breast ultrasound, as well as funding for research initiatives.